The earnings difference between single men and women is micro

These letters stressed that we would welcome Congressional input on all matters under Task Force consideration. The Task Force believes that the Commission should continue to facilitate accessibility and responsiveness on policy issues, and continue to welcome advice and comment from stakeholders on how it may better serve the public interest.

Best Practices of Private Sector Employers

With the passage of the Gramm-Rudman Act, the EEOC was required to reevaluate its spending on voluntary assistance and education programs. Statutory, Regulatory, Policy, and Operational Changes The fourth section considers what Commission statutory, regulatory, and policy changes may be necessary to facilitate best practices.

Employees and dependents with disabilities, as well as men also have benefitted greatly from these programs. Since these ideas are rather extensive, they are not discussed here. The Task Force's recommendations fall into four primary areas. Members of the Task Force explored company home pages on the World Wide Web for interesting equal employment opportunity policies, programs, or practices.

The suggestions above are just a small sampling of the characteristics that seem to be common in most of the companies that operate their EEO compliance procedures above and beyond the minimum basic legal requirements.

The Task Force recognizes that reasonable persons may differ on the question. We carefully reviewed the existing "best practices" literature and searched assiduously for reports by the news media for employers cited by others or self-proclaiming best EEO practices.

Ultimately, the most successful companies have figured out that it makes best economic sense to draw talent and ideas from all segments of the population. Inclusive hiring and promotion practices bring into the organization segments of the workforce that may well provide competitive advantage in the increasingly global economy.

We think, however, that the recognition of the practices in this report can give employers valuable ideas on what has worked for other employers, and stimulate development of new approaches to old problems.

In that two-year period, the Commission developed regulations and policy guidance, developed broad technical assistance programs, developed training programs for EEOC staff, as well as plans for providing training to the disability community and employers. This section sets forth the Task Force's recommendations.

Section II of the report identifies the policies, programs, and practices that the Task Force believes may be reasonably likely to assist the employer community in facilitating their equal employment opportunity programs.

EEOC is pleased to present this report of "best" practices in private sector equal employment opportunity compliance. From the nationwide voluntary action program begun by the agency into the Office of Technical Assistance, created in and which grew into a twenty-one person office byto the creation of the Office of Voluntary Programs that continued operations through the s, the Commission constantly maintained a dual focus with law enforcement on the one hand, and education, outreach, and technical assistance efforts on the other.

The Task Force report's findings and recommendations are not meant to require employers to adopt certain practices or policies to comply with any of the laws enforced by EEOC. Operational Considerations One of the key factors in implementing best practices is for those affected by EEO laws to be well informed about their rights and responsibilities under those laws.

Collect best practices information and models on an ongoing or periodic basis, and provide such information in TAPS presentations and other Commission programs.Best Practices of Private Sector Employers TABLE OF CONTENTS (Page numbers are retained for reference to the printed copy only) MEMBERS OF THE TASK FORCE 1.

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The earnings difference between single men and women is micro
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